Budget setting process

South Petherton Parish Council reviews and sets a budget each year which affects the amount of precept that it requests from Somerset Council.

The agreement of the budget, and therefore the amount of precept, is a decision which is discussed by Councillors over a number of months, and is discussed in public at least twice to ensure the public can have their say on the budgets and proposed spend that is planned for their Parish.

The budget process for South Petherton Parish Council is as follows:

October / November – all Councillors are reminded of the upcoming budget process and are asked to consider any spend or projects that they see or would be interested in for the coming financial year.

November – the Council look to meet informally to discuss any areas of spend, and any projects in more detail. The Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer then takes this information and prepares a draft budget, which is circulated to the full Council for comment.

December – the draft budget is brought to the Finance & General Purpose Committee, and is discussed in front of the public, who are welcome to comment and offer input to the proposed budget. Any changes/decisions are noted and the Clerk will amend the budget as appropriate. This will then be circulated again to the full Council for further comments.

December – the Clerk & the Chair of the Finance & General Purpose Committee will meet to discuss the budget which will be taken to the Full Council meeting in January, to add a final check & level of scrutiny.

January – the budget & the precept request for the forthcoming financial year is taken to the January meeting for the public to have another opportunity to comment, and for the full council to consider and agree by resolution the final budget and precept that will be requested.

On the agreement of this in the January meeting – the amount of precept is requested from Somerset Council and the budget breakdown is published on this website.

Members of the public are welcome to speak to any Councillors at any point in the year about projects they wish to see in the Parish, and are very welcome to attend the public meetings to be part of how money is spent on their behalf.

If you require any further details, please do not hesitate to contact the Clerk.


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