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South Petherton Parish Walking Map

Download and Printable pdf of the Rights of Way Map, This complete map is available in the L.I.C (Local Information Centre)  at the library.

Complete map in 2 parts  Part1     Part 2

Middle of Map  for easier viewing of South Petherton

Key to the Map

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The original 2006 version has been updated and shows the public rights of way in the Parish, and also gives detail of each route and a guide time of how long it will take to walk it.  It also has details of whether there are styles or gates – so people can plan their own routes depending on how long they want to walk and how agile they are.

ALSO You can now download and print individual walks by clicking below :

Walk 1.  Around the Houses
Walk 2.  Lambrook & North Mills Brook
Walk 3.  Mid Lambrook Church
Walk 4.  Compton & The Lambrooks
Walk 5.  Compton Durville / Rydon
Walk 6.  Martock View
Walk 7.  Smokeclose & Moondown Lane
Walk 8.  Watergore
Walk 9.  Higgin’s Grave & Fosse Way
Walk 10. Beating the Bounds

ALSO a further 112 runs in the area (presumably would be also useful to walkers ) from