Community Minibus

Rama Life run a community minibus that can be hired by not-for-profit organisations

Minibus details

Affordable community transport for not-for-profit organisations.

– Lightweight Bus: Drive on a Car Licence
– Low Cost

– Comfortable to Drive

Rama Life Community Minibus

£26,000 was raised through grant funding and donations in 2021, to purchase the minibus and for associated costs.  It is a lightweight bus, that can be driven on a Cat B licence (normal car licence), so it is available to most drivers – including those that do not have a minibus or heavy good licence.

Rama Life manage the day to day running of the bus: safety checks, service and MOT, bookings etc and ensuring all hires are in accordance to the minibus aims and objectives.

Who can hire the minibus

The bus can be hired by not-for-profit organisations to support their aims and objectives.  This could be a school hiring for a sporting event, a youth club trip to a bowling alley, an art group visiting a gallery or a care home going on an outing.

How you hire the minibus

Visit the Rama Life website for full details


  • Hire costs are shown below for journeys up to 100 miles in total length.  If your journey is further than 100 miles in total, there is an additional charge.
Local Hire Rate
Daily Rate £50
Weekend Rate – 10% Discount £90
Week Rate (up to 7 days) – 20% Discount £280

All enquiries:

Rama Life 01460 510042