Community Hub update

Community Hub Group Update – May 2024

The weather has delayed the completion of the survey, so we are unable to provide a full report at this meeting.

We are hoping the drone will go up tomorrow (Friday 10th May 2024).  However, we intend to provide all councillors with a full set of information in advance of the Parish Council meeting on June 3rd, for discussion.  It will include the executive summary of the survey report plus a link to the full report.

The Project Group will also provide their response to the full report detailing key points and making recommendations for you to consider regarding the future of the project.

If the decision is made to go ahead, the Project Group will also provide a ‘next steps document’.  This will include the cessation of the existing Project Group, the formation of the Hub Management Group and community involvement etc.

Meanwhile, the bid to the Architectural Heritage Fund will be submitted by 15th May, and the Project Group is seeking a grant of £10,000 for further viability work.

We are preparing a bid to the National Lotteries Community Fund and investigating the Community Ownership Fund.


Biddy Elliott

Community Hub Group