Following recent concerns raised – South West Coaches have confirmed the following:

– the 81 bus route is losing them too much money
– they announced cuts to the route but have decided such cuts will make the root unviable for passengers
– they have cancelled the service to prompt Somerset Council to re-tender the route
– he urges people to lobby Somerset County Council to make sure it is re-tendered and taken up by a local bus company
– they agreed to publish a post on their Facebook page which we can direct people to show support for the service.

Somerset Bus Partnership has identified South Petherton Parish as being a high priority to have a Bus Champion and the Parish Council have invited to been to put a name forward to be a representative.

There is a meeting on Tuesday 1st November which we hope will be attended by a council member on behalf of the Parish.

Alternatively, if you would like to get involved, or know someone who would, in this role, then please do contact the Parish office.

Thanks to Councillor Liz Baker for speaking to South West Coaches on the Parish Council’s behalf.