South Petherton Parish Council

Committee Structure 

Planning Open Spaces Finance & General Purposes                      

Tony New (Chair)

Dee Hodson-Wright

Nick Wakely

Bryan Chitty (Vice)

Angie Allen

+ Ex Officio


Dee Hodson-Wright

Tony New

Nick Wakely

Courtney Salway

Crispin Raikes

+ Ex Officio                       

Courtney Salway (Chair)

Nick Wakely

Claire Bragg

Bryan Chitty

Tony New

+ Ex Officio




Committee Responsibilties  

Planning Apllications

Local Development Plan

(Applications deemed to be major to be decided upon by the full council)            


Parish Paths Liason Officer

Affordable Housing

Street Naming





Recreation Ground

Legthsman duties

Library Information Centre


Footpaths and Bridleways

South Petherton in Bloom

Youth Club and Youth Parish Council                       


Preparation of the Annual Budget (Other than those financial matters that require approval of the full council)

Personnel Matters

Grevience Sub Committee

Appeals Sub Committee

Complaints Sub Committee

Grant Funding

Committee Duties  
Planning Responsibility Areas

Allotment Working Group

SPRUG Working Group

Parish Liason Group

LIC Working Group

South Petherton In Bloom

Youth Parish Council

Youth Club

Health & Wellbeing Group

Street Market Working Group

CLT Working Group

Finanacial Matters

Personnel Matters

Parish Council Policies


Risk Assessment

Councillors also have the responsibility of Representing the Parish Council in these Community Organisations:

Allotments - Nick Wakely

Cemetery - Nick Wakely

Footpaths & Bridleways - Angie Allen

Roads & Transport - Crispin Raikes

Recreation Ground SPRUG - Tony New and Crispin Raikes

TA13 - Steve Spiers

Website - Tony New

South Petherton In Bloom - Dee Hodson-Wright

Blake Hall Management Committee -  Courtney Salway

South Petherton Relief In Need Charity - Crispin Raikes

Community Land Trust - Bryan Chitty

Mere Lynches Trust - Courtney Salway

Local Information Centre - Adam Dance

Youth Club Management Committee - Adam Dance

Youth Parish Council


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