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Adopted and Approved at the Meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 2nd November 2015


What is Parish Funding?

South Petherton Parish Council will consider financial grants of up to a maximum of £2000.00 to provide financial support for projects/schemes benefiting the residents of the village of South Petherton.


Who can Apply?

Applications are welcome from Groups within the Village offering a service/facility for the benefit of the residents. Applications are also welcome from those Groups located outside the village who would offer a similar benefit. Applicants would be required to show :

  • Has its own bank account (with two authorised signatories)
  • Is properly constituted
  • Has up-to-date accounts


What can you apply for?


Grants will be awarded if they broadly fit into one of the following themes:

  • Community Development - Whole Life Learning & Healthy Living
  • Housing -  Crime & Community Safety
  • Encouraging Sustainable Prosperity


All eligible applications are considered on merit


When can you apply?

The Council would normally consider applications at its Full Parish Council Meetings – the first Monday in every month.


Making an application

You will need to complete an application form. Please remember to include with your application:

  • Your group’s most recent accounts or financial information
  • Details of your management committee and/or constitution


What happens next?

Once the application has been received it will be assessed and you may be contacted for further information. You will receive a response to your application within 14 days of the Parish Council meeting. If it is successful you will receive a letter advising you of the amount to be granted. If you are unable to use the grant for the purpose it was intended then we will withdraw the offer or ask for the grant to be returned.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Within three months of the grants being made the Parish Council would welcome a report on how the grant has been used and what outcomes have been achieved.


Need more Information?

If you would like to discuss your project/scheme then do please contact the Parish Clerk Kate Alford on 07712524347 during office hours 10.00 am – 3.00 pm Monday to Friday or by e-mail


1. Name of group                                                                                                                                                        
2. Address of group  
Name of Contact:
Contact Telephone Number (s):
3. Name of project  
4. Amount requested  
5. Briefly describe the project/scheme









6. How will the project/scheme benefit

the residents of South Petherton?









7. Signature of Applicant

(named in section 2)




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